LED Price Display Systems


FLS makes petrol price visible and ensures that the price signs become an integral part of your brand story. FLS has a long track-record of supplying the largest oil companies with our state of the art LED price display systems.
FLS offers:

  • Standard solutions for digit sizes ranging from 170 to 600 mm
  • 7-segment and 16-segment font alternatives
  • Cable and wireless controls
  • Manual or automated price change options (connections to POS)
  • Variety of mechanical casings (Premium, Basic and Boxer)
  • Automatic brightness controls per pylon side

FLS has an in-house R&D and an opportunity to customise solutions according to the customer needs:

  • Retrofit sizes and frames
  • Integrated LED petrol quality signs e.g. E85
  • Alternating qualities and prices in a single row e.g. E85/Diesel
  • LED pylon fit matrix text displays with cable or wireless connections
  • LED pylon fit time-temperature displays

FLS’ in-house production allows small batches and short lead times to support the current business models of petrol retail development.

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We serve clients’ needs individually

“BP Europe has been using FLS LED-price displays since 2009 in several European countries, and has been satisfied with the products and the service received from FLS. FLS provides short delivery times and a reliable service with quick answers to any questions or requests. FLS has also developed easy to install retrofit solutions for BP totems which enables the renewal of the price change units with a “plug and play” solution.”

BP Europe

“During the summer 2012 St1 Energy renewed LED price-signs for more than 100 Swedish Shell 7/11 sites since our old displays were no longer visible. FLS offered a cost efficient retrofit turnkey solution which was delivered within a short period of time. No delays or hidden costs involved, and now we have premium LED displays on these sites . As we were satisfied with the outcome we also purchased new price displays for 75 rebranded Shell Express sites from FLS.”

St1 Energy, Sweden